Zootrop Kabaret


Title :
Zootrop Kabaret
Cycle :
Autres Productions [1]
Genre :
Contemporary Kabaret
Date of creation :
Length :
Thanks to his collaboration with artists Gaëtan Bulourde, Lisa Gunstone, Harold Henning and Stéphane Broc, Mauro Paccagnella proposes a series of Zootrop Kabaret within the framework of his residence at the Cultural Center Jacques Frank in Brussels. Inspired by the spectacular form of Cabaret of the German tradition of the 20s, Mauro builds a series of different spaces of play that cross, change and multiply. Zootrop Kabaret is then characterized by a particular relationship with the audience based on closeness and intimacy. Mauro Paccagnella accompanies the spectators into a funny, festive and at the same time eclectic universe, with a little touch of cynicism.

Each meeting is punctuated by the presence of a surprise guests such as long-time collaborators of the company - actress and singer Ina Geerts and comedian and musician Christophe Morriset - or new discoveries - the Impenetrable Trio - or artists met by Mauro during his wanderings in the streets of Saint Gilles, Brussels and part the world.


Tour dates

11 January 2016 | Centre Culturel Jacques Franck
11 April 2016 | Centre Culturel Jacques Franck
9 May 2016 | Centre Culturel Jacques Franck
7 November 2016 | Centre Culturel Jacques Franck
5 December 2016 | Centre Culturel Jacques Franck
14 & 15 December 2018 | Central, La Louvière