Moonwalk - La Fonction Forme


Title :
Moonwalk - La Fonction Forme
Cycle :
Conti Sparsi [2]
Genre :
Dance conference, duet
Date of creation :
Length :
Eric Valette & Mauro Paccagnella
Eric Valette
Simon Stenmans
Wooshing Machine
Les Halles de Schaerbeek - Bruxelles
Wallonia-Brussels Federation
Moonwalk: In 1969, man walked on the moon. The human in question (American, white, male) inspired the dreams of millions of viewers. Technical progress and science were set to create a better world, for all. In 1983, Michael Jackson performed a moonwalk on NBC as he sang his number Billie Jean. Thanks to an illusionary leg movement, he seemed to move forward in slow motion though he was in fact moving backwards. The singer (American, Black? Male?) inspired millions of viewers.

Moonwalk - Function In Forms features two researchers. They have something to show us, to tell us, a project to present. But before we are carried off into the effective logic of discourse and images, bodies are measured as volume, as forms, as a space. Movements, manipulations, choreography, sounds, all seem to respond to a specific logic. This logic is not a clear one, however, as it combines many different evocations. Only when words come into play does the meaning become clear and fixed. But rhetoric races ahead, taking us where we do not want to go. And the body resists, forcing squeaks and rattles from the implacable machine of discourse.

Using the fascination for the formal perfection of a matchstick as a starting point, the functionalist Utopia of the 30s is extended little by little to design, to living space and then to the town, before finally confronting the super-modernity of Middle-Eastern cities like Dubai.
Using 20th century modernist theories (Bauhaus, Russian Constructivists, De Stijl, Le Corbusier, etc.), and via the body, drawing, and words, we provide a glimpse into how we live in the world today. Thus the universalist discourse of modern Western thought is extended and turned over, as if we were taking off a glove, and revealing everything this Western thought had left by the wayside: the reality of bodies, the diversity of geographies, cultures and individuals.

By combining the minimalist performances of Robert Morris, the falsely clinical universe of Absalon, and the playful manipulations of John Wood & Paul Harrison, our laboratory strives to move through modern heritage, with accuracy and humour, not to rehabilitate it or to yet again emphasise its failure, but rather to highlight the poetry that lies behind the danger of its implacable discourse. Show or performance? Dance or conference?
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Tour dates

April 4-5, 2014 - Halles de Schaerbeek - Brussels (B)
December 5, 2014 | Garage 29 - Brussels (B)
December 6, 2014 | Garage 29 - Brussels (B)
January 16, 2016 | Teatro della Lavanderia a Vapore - Turino (IT)