Harsh Songs


Title :
Harsh Songs
Cycle :
Conti Sparsi [3]
Genre :
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Mauro Paccagnella
Lisa Gunstone
Simon Stenmans
Wooshing Machine
Charleroi/Danses & Théâtre Marni
HARSH SONGS is third instalment of Conti Sparsi Project.

A trio of disparate artists (contemporary dancer Tijen Lawton, dancer-performer Mauro Paccagnella and actor-performer Gaëtan Bulourde) share with the audience an attempt to physically tame a most particular performance space: a white area of 5m x 4m raised 50cm off the ground.

" Staging. Or rather setting a stage. Setting a necessary scene. And exposing. The stage exposes bodies or body parts. The bodies can use the stage. Or rather they can use a white parallelepiped, too small to be a stage, too big to be a base. Unwelcoming, sonorous, sharp and dissonant. Harsh.

There are three of them and just like at the movies, as long as there is desire, it won't work out. So-and-so loves what-do-you-call-her who loves thingummyjig. Crappy adolescence. We dress like adults, we French-kiss, we show off. We pretend that we're Americans. Sometimes we catch ourselves acting. The way we did before, like boys and girls. Songs.

They give themselves airs. They make themselves look in love, happy, joyful, rebellious. They make themselves look young. They look as if they want to make themselves look young. But they are indeed bodies on a stage, despite the trappings and the make-believe, despite the American dream and the outmoded poses. Bodies that are sexed, aged, colourful, inhabited. Side A is finished, but the record plays on, uncovering the sound concealed by the song, the crackling of the grooves, the dust collecting on the tip of the stylus, the worn-out mechanism. Someone has to make the record spin by blowing as hard as they can. Harsh Songs. "
Eric Valette
This spatial constraint reveals still other constraints, this time relational, where dance calls its question its own ability to sublimate or crush its relationship to space, to the self and to others. Dancing with volume and dancing with others thus become multi-faceted exercises in farce for a micro-society as it tries to conquer its dance spaces and its own codes of accuracy.

A dissonant chamber opera
A dissonant chamber opera for a triangle
A dissonant chamber opera for a triangle on a quadrilateral
For a dissonant triangle on a quadrilateral volume
For three dissonant individuals in a triangle on a volumetric quadrilateral
Three dissonant individuals, including a woman, on a quadrilateral volume...

The desire to investigate permeates the bodies of the three actors and takes a caustic look at accuracy: the accuracy of an approach, of an agreement, of a two-person dance, of a noble dance for three, of the perfect partner, and of an accurate performance...

This is a choreographic exchange between three great stage performers who, for the first time, decide to cross paths on a project where noble dance is necessarily called into question, lying at the heart of the dramatic intention.

Harsh Songs seeks to test the juvenile momentum of the three bodies of experienced performers and dancers who are but juvenile in their memory.
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Tour dates

April 27, 2014 - Avant-première - Danseurs Festival - Charleroi/Danse - Brussels (B)
11-12-13 June 2014 - Première - D Festival - Théâtre Marni - Brussels (B)