Artistic direction
Mauro Paccagnella

Mauro Paccagnella 1964 Padova - Italy
Dancer - choreographer - actor - director

Mauro Paccagnella (I/B) is an Italian dancer, actor and choreographer who has lived in Brussels for the past 20 years. He switches between choreography, staging and the act of performing. Working with many Belgian companies (Flamand, Ponties, Traoré, De Soto, and so on), and has danced in films by Thierry De Mey and Nicole Mossoux. Since 2002 he has performed with choreographer Caterina Sagna in Relazione Pubblica, Heil Tanz!, Basso Ostinato and P.O.M.P.E.I.
A co-founder in 1993 of the 'Un oeuf is un oeuf - Biters Productions' company, he created the Woosh'ing Mach'ine collective in 1998. After Cyber Beans (SACD Award 1998) and research project Dog-Tricks (among them Babylonia Kiss with Alessandro Bernardeschi),), he created The Siegfried's Swan Song (2006-2011) tetralogy.
He set and directed the last two creations of the Belgian contemporary circus company Feria Musica Infundibulum in 2009 and Sinué in 2012.
He is currently performing in creations by Caterina Sagna for Bal En Chine and with Olga de Soto for Autour de la Table Verte by Kurt Jooss.


Lisa Gunstone Birmingham (UK)

Lisa Gunstone was born in 1970 in Birmingham, England, and left as quick as possible to study a Bachelor of Arts degree in dance and choreography at London Contemporary Dance School. Lisa's first professional performance job was with a company called Freakshow. This rough beginning threw her onto an artistic pathway that lead her to work as a performer with an eclectic mix of choreographers that shifted, moulded and genuinely inspired her for a lifetime: Alain Platel, Carlotta and Caterina Sagna, Pierre Droulers, Thomas Hauert, Claire Croizé, Inne Goris and Mauro Paccagnella. Lisa has recently diverted her creative passion into other areas of the arts. She works with Caroline Rottier to produce beautiful performances with handicapped people. On the un-seen side of stage Lisa works with Christel Simmons at the School van Gaasbeek, Stephanie Pecourt at the Belgian Artistic Distric (B.A.D.), Ultima Vez and Wim Vandekeybus.

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The Golden Gala
Ziggy, the Dragon, the Bold nurse & the Swan Song
Bloom Studio #1

Stéphane Broc 1966 Paris
Videographer, musician, comedian

A videographer and musician, he has worked with stage artists (Moleskine Company/Laure Bonicel, CLoy Company/Cécile Loyer, Louise Vanneste Company/Laura Scozzi, Art Mouv' Company, amongst others) and plastic artists (Vincent Epplay, Katia Kaméli, EchoparK). He is also the co-founder of "+/- L'épicerie" with Jean-Louis Chapuis). He makes short films: Emerge (2006) and The Magnificent 4 (2008).
For 2012, he is creating the vidéos of two opéras set for the stage by Laura Scozzi: Opheus in the Underworld (Bern Opera) and Les Indes galantes (Capitole de Toulouse/Nuremberg Opera). He is co-founder of the DVDanza festival (dance video festival) in Havana, Cuba.

Jyggery/Pockery Subalina
Siegfried Forever
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The Golden Gala
Ziggy, the Dragon, the Bold Nurse & the Swan Song
The Magnificent 4
Ina Geerts Belgium
Flemish actress (theatre and cinema) and singer

INA GEERTS (B) is a freelance theater and film actor.
In 1992, she moved to Brussels to work with Jan Lawers' Needcompany troupe in Snakesongs Trilogy and Macbeth.
In 2002, she joined Wim Vandekeybus' Ultima Vez for Blush and Sonic Boom.
Over the past decade, she has performed with various companies, such as De Parade, Barre Weldaad, Wooshing Machine and Sanja Mitrovic.
On the big screen, she has played remarkable roles in Le bonheur de l'autre by Fien Troch, Adem by Hans van Nuffel, Bo by Hans Herbots and in the thriller De Behandeling by Hans Herbots.
Since 2009, Ina has been involved in a musical singer-songwriter project by the name of INA.

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The Golden Gala
Ziggy, the Dragon, the Bold nurse & the Swan Song
Ben FURY Benaji Mohamed 1976 Maroc
Break Dancer

Ben Fury was born in 1976 in Morocco. He started exploring and developing his own break dance technique in La Galerie Ravenstein, a popular spot in Brussels.
His first experiences in mixing breakdance with contemporary dance happened with the companies Hush Hush Hush, K'dar and Tupac. With the choreographer Fatou Traore he collaborated on the performances Vegemad and Passages. With Johanne Saunier he created Petite pièce pour voix et gestes with the music of Antoine Prawerman. Ben Fury has been one of the founders of the group Mad Spirit with whom he has performed in several European countries. With this group he realised several improvisations together with the jazz-funk-ethnic band Greetings from Mercury and Aka Moon. He also made improvisations with Aka Moon and dj Grasshopper in Amsterdam.
As a break dancer Ben Fury was part of the third generation of the famous Dynamics team. With them he won the first award in the Benelux Competition 2001 and other awards in Europe.
In 2005 he premiered De Farra, a play by Roberto Olivan. In February 2006 he danced in Turin in Il colore bianco, a production by Giorgio Barberio Corsetti in collaboration with Fatou Traoré.
He also gives many classes in break-dance, notably with the Rosas company of Anna Teresa de Keersmaeker for the project Bitches brew and in Gerona (Spain) with Roberto Olivan.
In April 2006 he created with Harold Henning Leopoldo, a duet presented at La Raffinerie, Brussels.
He is now dancing in Puz/zle et Babel for choreographer Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui.

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Siegfried Forever
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The Magnificent 4
Christophe Morisset 1969 - France
musician : trombone, sousaphone, tuba, sackbut, serpent, ophicleide
theatre performer : staging, acting, writing, scenic artist

Born in France in 1969, he has lived in Brussels since 1992 where he has worked as a musician (trombone, sousaphone, tuba, sackbut, serpent, ophicleide) and a theatre performer (staging, acting, writing, scenic artist).
A teacher at the ESAC Circus Arts school since September 2005, along with Benoist Eil, he founded the "Rage Inside Brass Band" within which he composed and played the sousaphone (2002-2005). In 1999, he founded theatre company "La Compagnie des cuivres" ("The Brass Company") (director, scenic artist and actor, working with Delphine Breger). Creations of "Le cosmorama moderne", 1999, "Vivement chaque jour", 2003, and "T.I.R.", a solo performance in 2004.
Since 1995, he has worked in both theatre and music with among others the Théâtre du Tilleul, Maxiphone, Transparent Théâtre, Charlie Degotte, Martine Wijkaert, Isabelle Pousseur, Olivier Thomas, Julia Palermo, Roultabi and he is part of many Brussels-based brass band troupes such as Cramique, Caroline Coiffure, Jour de Fête, etc.
With French singer Machin Chose, he recorded the album "It's not meant for dancing" and he took part in Jean-Paul Lilienfield's TV-movie "Comme sur des roulettes" ("Like Clockwork").
To be completed....

Siegfried Forever
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The Golden Gala
The Magnificent 4
Alessandro Bernardeschi 1963 Volterra - Italy
dancer performer

Native from Tuscany, Alessandro Bernardeschi studied at the D.A.M.S of Bologna and wrote a thesis on « the new French Dance during the eighties' ».
In 1990, he setteled in France to work with the choreograph Paco Dècina and performed in the shows Vestigia di un corpo, Ciro esposito fu vincenzo and Fessure. In 1996, he joined the Centre Chorégraphique National de Rennes et de Bretagne directed by Catherine Diverrès where he contributed to the creation of the shows Fruits, Stances and Corpus. In Brussels, he met the choreograph Karine Pontiès and took part in Negatovas, Les Taroupes and Brucelles.
He also worked with Marco Berrettini, Mauro Paccagnella and François Verret (Ice).
Since 2000, he has been performing in all of Caterina Sagna's shows: La Signora, Sorelline, Transgedy, Relation publique, Heil Tanz !, Basso Ostinato, P.O.M.P.E.I., Nuda Vita and now with Bal en Chine.

Le Bal - Crossover
Babylonia kiss

Happy Hour
Ayelen Parolin Argentina
Dancer choreographer

Ayelen Parolin was born in Argentina and educated at the National School of Dance and the Teatro General San Marti, before dancing for independent theatre-dance companies. In 1998, she won the Mar de Plata Young Art Biennial Prize for her choreography El Grito, and created Marta. In 1999, she worked as a dancer on Argentine TV, thanks to which she was able to travel to New York then to Europe, before deciding to settle in Brussels in 2000. In 2002, she undertook e.x.e.r.c.e training, directed by Mathilde Monnier in Montpellier. As a performer, she has worked with Mathilde Monnier, Louis Vanneste, Mauro Paccagnella, Alexandra Bachzetsis, the Mossoux-Bonté company and Jean-François Peyret. In 2004, she created 25.06.76, her first solo. In 2005, she won the Pépinières Européennes award, of the mapXXL artistic residence programme. In 2006, she created Troupeau/Rebaño. In 2009, she created SMS and Love, and made a video, Madame Cruck. Her latest work, David, is still touring.

Jiggery Pockery/Subalina
Siegfried Forever
The Golden Gala
Tijen Lawton United Kingdom - Turkey

Tijen Lawton, born in Vienna to a British father and a Turkish mother.
In London she studied dance at The Arts Educational Schools from 1984 to 1988 and from 1988 to 1991 at the London Contemporary dance school.
In 1989 she spent a year at the Juillard School in New York.
In 1991 she co-founded Foco Loco, a company that concentrated on research and development in every area of dance.
In 1992 she joined Emma Carlson & Dancers with the performance Inner Corner.
In 1996 she came to Brussels to work on several productions with Pierre Droulers.
In the meantime she worked on her first choreographic pieces:Les Beaux Jours,Je n'ai jamais parlé et
Plus fort que leurs voix aigues.
In 1998 she began her twelve year collaboration with Jan Lauwers & Needcompany. Since then she has been a constant presence in Needcompany's productions as dancer, actrice and choreographer. Caligula (1998), Morning Song (1999), Needcompany's King Lear (2000), Images of Affection (2002), Goldfish Game (2002), No Comment (2003), Isabella's Room (2004), The Lobster Shop (2006), and The Deer House (2008).
Also working with Grace Ellen Barkey in Few Things (2000), (AND) (2002), Chunking (2005), The Porcelain Project (2007) and The Deer House ( 2009).
In 2010 Tijen began her collaboration with Compagnie Caterina & Catlotta Sagna with the productions Nuda Vita & Cuisse de Grenouille.

Harsh Songs
Gaëtan Bulourde 1968 France
Dancer performer, musician

In 1989, after studies shortened in mathematics and further to meetings with pupils of the School of Fine Arts and the CNDC (National Center of Contemporary Dance) in Angers (Maine-et-Loire, France), he begins to participate in artistic and choreographic projects.
He also plays the bass in various rock and experimental music bands in Angers, Paris then Berlin and follows regularly lessons of dance and theater. Since 2003, he lives and works in Brussels as dancer and musician and develops his own projects!

Harsh Songs
The Magnificent 4
Eric Valette 1969 - Bron - France
Visual artist & teacher

Eric Valette lives in Paris and works in Brussels, Amiens, and Paris. A teacher and researcher in plastic arts at the Jules Verne University of Picardy (Amiens, France), he has worked on the issue of representation, more specifically on perspective and the relationship with real life.
His plastic work often uses video shown in an installation, as well as drawings and most recently, performance. He is currently working with the Suspended Spaces collective, developing artistic and theoretical research (residencies, exhibitions, publications) using spaces marked by conflict and momentarily suspended due to political and economic decisions that may produce and instil a "relaxed" use and representation.
Over the past few years, his work has been shown at the Pompidou Centre in Paris (projection and conference/performance, 2011), Mexico (2011), Zagreb (2010), Amiens (Maison de la Culture, 2010) and in various video programmes broadcast by many structures (Galerie Quenehen, La Brigade des Images in Paris, Imagepassage in Annecy).
Eric Valette has published texts and a portfolio in the collective work by Suspended Spaces / Famagusta (BlackJack publishing, 2011) along with articles in Parasite(s), a subversion strategy (l'Harmattan, 2010), Art in the time of appliances (l'Harmattan, 2005) and is the author of Perspective on the agenda, symbolic functions and aesthetic functions of perspectiva artificialis (l'Harmattan, 2001).

Moonwalk - Function in Forms
Harold Henning 1976 Belgique
Dancer and interpreter

Harold Henning is an interpreter and a producer for theater, dance and circus.
Since 1997, he collaborates with film directors and choreographers such as Pierre Droulers, Ballets C of B (Christine De Smedt, Hans Van den Broeck), Ditto Ditto, Diederik Peeters, Rasmus Olme, Miet Warlop... He also created shows in association with other artists and founded Clinic Orgasm Society in 2000, then LapsProductions in 2006 to produce, create and interpret the duet Leopoldo with Mohamed " Fury " Benaji (L'été des Hivernales, Avignon, 2008), in coproduction with Charleroi/Danses. For more than ten years, he participates in most of the creations of Soit Company of Hans Van den Broeck (Almost Dark, En Servicio, We Was Them, Messiah Run! , Settlement,...)

The Premiere of Stay one the scene, opening of its project on the disappearance, was presented in April, 2013 in Brussels within the framework of the festival Compil d'Avril (Charleroi/Danses). At the moment, he is on tour with Mystery Magnet of Miet Warlop and prepares his next creation, Closed to the distance, piece in three scenes (Stay one the scene, Unfocused, Shrinking), coproduced by Les Brigittines.
In Mars 2014, he signed the direction of Un dernier pour la route, a new production under big top of AOC Collective, French contemporary circus.
Harold is also a member of the core which develops the sessions of improvisations Rosegarden from Soit Company at Les Brigittines.
The collaboration in duet with Ben Fury continues with a new creation for all audiences, The old loop (temporary title), planned for autumn, 2015.

The Magnificent 4
Joz Deconinck 1960 Belgium
A plastic artist, comic book artist, graphic artist, video artist, illustrator and light creator.

He is the co-founder, graphic artist, video artist and light designer of Woosh'ing Mach'ine (1998) and is involved in all the group's creations.
He is also the co-founder of Un oeuf is un oeuf – Biters Productions (1990) with Gilles Monnart and Mauro Paccagnella: he creates a visual universe on large screen, with a mixture of slide-drawing projections and video.
He is currently an illustrator and website creator.

Le Bal - Crossover
Babylonia kiss

Siegfried Forever
Vincent Epplay France
Plastic artist and musician

A plastic artist and musician, Vincent has evolved a device whereby the material nature of sound and its methods of broadcast and reception can interact, developing a practice that borrows from both visual arts and electronic music.
He presented Cabines d'écoute (Listening Booths) and Ebruitement des Rochers Parlants (Disclosures of the Talking Rocks) at the Laboratoires d'Aubervilliers (2003-2004), Jukebox for music without a title, a live exhibition at the Palais de Tokyo, and Cabine n°5 (Booth no. 5), an aural exhibition at the Pompidou Centre. He took part in the Le Temps de l'écoute (Listening Time) exhibition at the Villa Arson Nice in summer 2011. He regularly performs live, as a solo artist or in partnership with other artists in various festivals across Europe. He has worked with three choreographers: Maria Donata d'Urso, Cécile Loyer/Stéphane Broc and Laure Bonicel.

Ziggy, the Dragon, the Bold Nurse & the Swan Song
Bloom Studio #1 + #2
Fabienne Damiean Belgium
Costume designer, props master

Graduated from INSAS, (Belgian School of Performing Arts) in 1990.
Fabienne is a costume designer and props master for theatre and dance, as well as props master in the museography domain.
As a costume designer, Fabienne has worked with the Woosh'ing Mach'ine company since 2006.
Over the past few years, she has created the costumes, props or stage set for pieces by: Stéphane Oertli and Bénédicte Davin; Claude Semal and Ivan Fox; Céline Taubenest; Xavier Lukomski; Isabelle Gyselinx; Erika Zueneli; Flavia Ribeiro Wanderley; Magali Pinglaut, Laurence Vielle and Isabelle Pousseur; Jean-Michel D'hoop; Compagnie Mossoux/Bonté, etc.
For the "Tempora" and "Collections et Patrimoine" museography companies.

Siegfried Forever
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The Golden Gala
Ziggy, the Dragon, the Bold nurse & the Swan Song
Lieve Meeussen Belgium
Dancer, actor, costume designer

Lieve Meeussen (B) was part of the Ultima Vez company from 1988 to 1999, and has danced in several pieces by Wim Vandekeybus.
She has acted in pieces by Inne Goris: 111 Zusters, Nachtevening, Hoog Gras and has performed many duos with Dirk Hendrikx.
Since 2005, she has created costumes for Inne Goris: De dood en het meisje, La fille qui aimait trop les allumettes, Droesem, Naar Medeia, Muur and Hoog Gras; for Ravel Ruell: Martino, Platonov and In de eenzaamheid van de katoenvelden; for Arne Sierens: De Pijnders; and for Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui: Play.
She has worked with Mieja Holvoet on La belle & la bête, Petroesjka, De idioot, Kleine Sofie, Zwijnen, De slag bij Dobor and Othello; with Annelies Van Damme on Vrouwen van Mozart (by Walter Verdin) and with Isabelle Lhoas on Bête Noire, Nieuw Zwart, Oedipus (by Wim Vandekeybus); with Lot Lemm on Lobstershop, Porcelain Project, Deer House en Marketplace 76 (by Needcompagnie).

Bloom Studio #1

Bloom Studio #2


Wendy Toussaint France 1989
Tour Manager

Marion is tour manager for Wooshing Machine company since Mars 2015.
As part of her Master's degree in International Management of French Arts at the University of Angers, she realized her internship in the National Center of contemporary dance-Angers as co-organizer and coordinator of the 2014 World Dance Alliance Global Summit, which took place in Angers from 6 till 11 July 2014.
Marion also has a Bachelor in Management/Marketing/Communication and followed two years of Architecture at St-Luc Institute in Tournai, Belgium.